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2011-06-05 trashy Fix isue on categories facetingdefault tip
2011-05-30 trashy Fix error message display ; results display ; add a warning on forums page ; refs #142
2011-05-29 trashy Precisions
2011-05-29 trashy HTML was not valid ; refs #142
2011-05-29 trashy Add faceting on forums serach, refs #142 ; add pagination, refs #144
2011-05-29 trashy Typo
2011-05-27 trashy Add forum id, methods to get publication date, categor and link to forum ; refs #142
2011-05-27 trashy Typo
2011-05-26 trashy Show author and snippet in forums results ; refs #142
2011-05-26 trashy Page title were the same on each page refs #143 ; search on topcis and message on 'text' type refs #142
2011-05-26 trashy Forums serach and improvements, refs #142:
2011-05-24 trashy Rename forums template ; refs #142
2011-05-24 trashy Old code had not been removed ; closes #143
2011-05-24 trashy Little changes on smarty implode plugin to avoid warning when optional parameters are not specified ;refs #143
2011-05-24 trashy Use of Smarty to render main search page and results ; add a implode plugin for my needs ; refs #143
2011-05-24 trashy Doc search smatry tmeplate: facets ; refs #143
2011-05-24 trashy Start working Smarty template for doc search ; refs #143
2011-05-24 trashy Add Smarty, usi it for mrbot and help pages ; refs #143
2011-05-24 trashy Copyright
2011-05-23 trashy RSS plugin is buggy and has been deactivated ; add infos on sed like function ; fix a typo (thanks to pingou)
2011-05-22 trashy Plugin RSS has been activated for
2011-05-14 trashy More bot docs
2011-05-14 trashy Typos
2011-05-14 trashy New theme, search from article's categories, collapse/expand categories filter
2011-05-12 trashy Ooops...
2011-05-12 trashy No longer care about browers that do not support properly png alpha channel
2011-01-13 trashy Add some titles
2011-01-13 trashy Add tooltips
2011-01-13 trashy Show results title and solr query even if there is no result
2011-01-13 trashy Better display for solr request
2011-01-13 trashy Upgrade JQuery to 1.4.4
2011-01-13 trashy Fix some header links
2010-05-25 trashy Add README file
2010-05-25 trashy Ignore non dist configuration file in versionning
2010-05-25 trashy Move configuration file to dist configuration file
2010-05-25 trashy Possibility to define a specific hosts for ajax request (improve security). Add the relevant README file to configure both apache and the application.
2010-05-25 trashy Add a redirection to main php script
2010-05-23 trashy Licensing, code standardisation, configuration
2010-05-23 trashy Add autocomplete function ; pyt solr configuration informations in a separated config file ; fixes #30
2010-05-23 trashy No CSS styles embedded in HTML, report all of them in the relevant CSS file
2010-05-23 trashy Add IE required javascript for HTML5
2010-05-23 trashy Use Ulysses theme ; fixes #37
2010-05-22 trashy Initial commit